The society has evolved and digital transformation including Internet of Things (IoT) is on the trend for agricultural transformation. Saerd-tech Consultants is working on implementing the next generation of commercial irrigation solutions involving IoT, Data Assimilation and Weather forecasting. The Saerd-tech IoT platform enhance precision watering application which is not possible with the current irrigation systems.

Our Solution

Saerd-Tech Consultants aims at providing smart solutions to farmers based on optimal soil conditions targeting irrigation to the intended zone and enhance water management through app and SMS. We have built and improving own platform for IoT system and GSM-cellular. Currently the system is under first pilot test at Tokyo University and Technology, Japan by one of irrigation technical experts. We are soon enrolling for pilot deployment and test of the system in Uganda and provide the smart precision irrigation service installation to fit and save water, energy and improve yields in Africa. Our next plan is to integrate Data assimilation, flood and weather forecasting with IoT and have a platform that can collect the data from the soil, crop, flood, drought and weather. The data is vital for developing appropriate weather forecasting solutions, make strong decision for farm management. Additionally, our expert team make recommendations to the farmer, stakeholders and general about the real-time weather events including floods, droughts and precision irrigation and fertilization. Our business is to bring the technology for Agriculture to be sustainable.

The unique features of our IoT Smart Precision Irrigation from the classical ones, is the use of Lora wireless IoT and GSM-cellular communication for sensors and valves which is solar powered. In practice it implies that Saerd-tech Consultants is introducing lora wireless system that could be situated at any remote location (*1-5km from the farm).

The primary users of our solution include:

  • Gardens and farms.

  • Greenhouses and Net houses.

  • Rooftop gardens

  • Sports Fields

  • Golf courses

  • Parks and public areas

  • Residential areas

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