About Who We Are

Saerd-tech Consultants Ltd is a private agricultural and environmental engineering company founded in 2019 and registered in Uganda. We focus on developing innovative, appropriate, affordable solutions, providing quality services, practical skills, and consultancies. 

We work with farmers, Academic Institutions, NGOs, and Local and international investors in Uganda and Africa. Our best state-of-the-art technologies take into consideration climatic and sustainable development and market dynamisms in Uganda, Africa, and across the globe. 

This is an integral package from our diversity team due to skills, training, partnership, networks, and knowledge from countries like the Netherlands, Japan, Israel, etc., tailored based on the client’s needs in Africa.  

Our office is at the field office in Kabembe, 1km Mukono-Kayunga Road Mukono District, close to Kyaggwe Christian Junior School.


To contribute broadly to society by providing quality services, practical skills, and consultancies through developing innovative appropriate solutions and creation of new industries while keeping harmony with environment.


To contribute to sustainable management and use of natural resources, poverty eradication, improved lively-hood and employment opportunities through innovation solutions and technologies.

Talk to us

For any questions? We are a second away to receiving your call and discuss about the business opportunities, new projects and how we can support you.